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Akko עכו עתיקה
Exiting Archeological Discoveries, Site Preservation and Cultural Heritage 
"Of the Beaten Track"
archaeological finds תגליות ארכיאולוגיות

Lectures on Archaeology & Site Conservation

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- New exiting discoveries

-  Past archeaologists & researchers  

- New projects 

conservation work סדנה בשימור, ארכיאולוגיה

Practical archaeological workshops

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- Save ancient stones

- Visit workshops

- Participate in archeological excavations

 עכו akko

Of the Beaten Track Archaeolgical & Conservation Tours

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- Evening archaological tours

- Lets follow an past archaologist or researcher

- Step into a House Story - Open Houses in Old Akko

Dr. Shelley-Anne Peleg

Archaeological Tours with Shelley Anne Peleg Archaeology and Conservtion in Israel.

Has been involved in archaeology and conservtion in Israel the preservation of the built heritage for 30 years.

A lecturer at the University of Haifa, Kinneret College and other places.

After working for many years (in the past) at the Antiquities Authority, she learnt to 'dub' ancient remains and understand through them stories of people and past cultures.


Visits countless archeological excavations, participates in discussions about development procedures and observes ongoing site preservation projects at various sites and laboratories.

Conducts archaeological tours, visits to open houses in Old Akko and presents lecutures on archaeology and conservation.

Leads projects that connect local communities and the public to the rich cultural heritage in Israel.

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 Works with:
People that participated  said:
tours in akko סיורים בעכו העתיקה

"We participated in three unique tours in Akko. We learned a lot and enjouyed the tour very much."

Yossi, CEO of the Galilee College

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עכו עתיקה, סיורים בעכו tours in akko

"I  really enjoyed the lecture. Only you can take such a topic (toillets in the ancient world) and present it so gracefully"

Sharona, a guide

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סיורים בעכו העתיקה  tours in akko

"It was wonderful and great. The quality, the knowledge, the fluency and the experience - everything was special"

Avigdor a coodernator for adult enrichment activities

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