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I have been involved in archeology and antiquities ine preservation of historical buildings and cultural heritage for about 30 years, which is why my family members call me "Doctor Stones".

When I decided to study archeology at the Hebrew University, my parents thought that I was "crazy." But I enrolled anyway and finally completed my doctorate in the Department of Israeli Studies at the University of Haifa.

I worked for many years in senior management positions at the Israel Antiquities Authority and was involved in research projets and activities with leading Israeli and international organizations in the feild.

logo3 (1) אפור שקוף.png
סדנת שימור בעכו עתיקה. סיורים ארכיאולוגים

More information:

Over the years, I learnt to dub ancient remains and 'hear' through them stories of people that lived in the Land of Israel in ancient times.

I participated in countless archeological excavations and was a witness to fascinating discoveries that were uncovered during them.

I tour many sites and labs and see how unique finds are conserved and ensured peserved.

I research historic cities in Israel, the people that lived there in the past, current traditional communities that currently live in them today and how this all connects.

I specialize in Old Akko

I have worked in the city for the last 25 years. In my last position, I managed the International Conservation Center (on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority). The devlopment and conservation procedures in the city were the basis of my doctoral research. Throughout the years, I led countless activities in the city.

I am familiar with the colorful alleys, the tourist sites and many hidden places. I am updated with current research and the many new touristic ventures. I am friends and work with many of the local residents.

I hold unique tours, lectures, workshops and activities in the city, in which I present the cities secrets and hidden treasures treasures, visit unfamiliar sites and also show new ventures.

סיורים בעכו עתיקה. tours in Akko
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