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Monthly Activities

In Latin the word aperire means "to open" which is probalby what April means: the opening of the spring buds in Rome. The month is dedicated to the goddess of love: Aprodite.


This year, the month begins in the middle of Passover, the holiday of and freedom.

For me, and especially this year, it's a wonderful time. I feel as if I am being released from my home and the never-ending zoom sessions into the freedom ...

Feel free to join a workshop or one of  mymagical tours in Old Akko or the archeological sites dipped during this month in a beautiful green. 

The tours are open for the general public, tour guides and any one intrested. No prior knowledge required.

The duration of each tour is about  3-4 hours

Cost - NIS 120 per person

*** Note minimum particiants for each tour: 10 people

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A French aroma in the Alleys of Akko 



A dusk tour in the old city of Akko (in Hebrew but available in English on special request) 

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Misterious Faiths in Akko




Visit to unknown religious structures in Akko (in Hebrew, but available in English upon special request 

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From Ancient Yodfat to New Yodfat at Sunset




A unique sunset tour with spectacular views and discusions about the new fresco recently exposed recovered at the end of the excavation; Why do the remains of the ancient fortifications pass over the potter's kiln and what did the ancient  inhabitants 000 years ago (in Hebrew, but available in English upon special request).

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When Nature and Archaeology meet in Ancient Usha





תל דור

יודפת העתיקה

מצודת תפן



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Practical Workshops
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Picnic and Preserving

A unique opportiunity to work side by side with preservation workers in various conservation projects and learn about methods to stabilize ancient remains, climb on scaffolding and replace old mortar.

We will visit antiquity sites, meet conservators and have a 'picnic' breakfast with them during their break.

For groups only (up to 20 participants)

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Discover Secrets in Ancient Walls

Touch ancient stones, climb ladders, mix materials, preserve walls and antiquities and experience traditional works, smell, taste and be used ...

Get to know stories of old buildings, experience the preservation procedures and meet traditional craft specialists.

The workshop combines hands-on experience in conservation work, a glimps behind-the-scenes of conservation considerations.

For groups only (up to 20 participants)

Would you like to take part in a tour a lecture or a workshop?
Do you want to ask a question?
Would you like to collaborate?

Thank you


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