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עכו עתיקה


As a researcher of archeological sites and conservation procedures, I visit magical, hidden and mysterious places.


It is possible that you have been to Akko, but I'm convinced you have never had a chance to visit some of the hidden palaces and painted ceilings in the city.

You might have heard of the Galilean village Yodfat, but are you aquanted with the remenets of the Jewish residents that rebeld against the Roman Empire 2000 years ago?

You must have passed by the Somekh Interchange many times without knowing that just round the corner is the ancient village of the Sanhedrin.


In my tours, I visit unknown places and sites and I present new and intriguing "secrets" and discoveries found recenty during archeological excavations.

Join me,
Visit and travel to unique sites and experience authentic surprises.

Take a look below for options. I would love to meet you on one of the tours. ,


Duration : 3-4 hours

Groups: 10-25 participants 

Price: NIS 120 per person


 The Dusk Tour with a French Flavor  

Includes a glass  of wine 

עכו עתיקה

Hiddes Palaces and Painted Ceilings 

Includes local ciffes and sweets

אולמות האבירים

Above and Underground 

Includes entrance fees 

עכו עתיקה

Misterious Faiths in the Alleys 

Inludes local coffee and sweets 

Dusk Tours  

The lost world in the Zvulun Valley

Includes a small Bedouwin Picnic 

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-19 at 11.01.58 (2

From the tower that detected submarines in Bustan Hagalil to the light tower in Akko

includes coffee and local sweets 

lighthouse old akko

 From Ancient Yodfat the New Yodfat  

Includes a glass of wine and a small picnic

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-19 at 11.01.58 (1

When archeaology meets Nature in Usha

Includes a glass of wine and a small picnic

אושה עתיקה
Practical Workshops

Looking for Secrest in the Ancient Walls 

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-19 at

A Picnic with Picnic withthe Workers

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